Why you should donate through EcoSOLUTIONS ?
  1. EcoSOLUTIONS is run by highly skilled professionals who do not depend on EcoSOLUTIONS for their livelihood.
  2. We have little administrative costs and all your money goes directly for the end user benefit.
  3. We will reach out to specific persons or villages as required by you anywhere in India.
  4. We will give you proof through written receipts and photographs of persons to whom we have given on your behalf.

Light 1 home Amount Rs. 1700 (US $40)
Light homes Amount Rs.
Light a hamlet (20 nos.) Amount Rs.34000 (US $800)
Light a village (60 nos.) Amount Rs.102000 (US $2400)

Electronic payments in Indian rupees can be made directly to Axis bank
Account in name of - "EcoSOLUTIONS"
Axis Bank : B-6, Lajpat nagar - II , New-Delhi - 110024,
A/C no: 126010100281263
IFS code - UTIB0000126

Check payments in Indian rupees.
Check should be written in name of "EcoSOLUTIONS" and posted to :
Yatendra Agrawal
46/4, RCF Row-houses, Sector 6,
Vashi, New-Bombay 400703,
Tel: 91-22-27820978
Mobile: 91-9869182356